Infamous - Marble Madness

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Beat is flawlessly cool as always Infamous! The tune however is not really that catchy, but I enjoyed this one anyway!
Main tune is quite weak, but the drums are just fab! Dump the melody and sell the drum loop on a loops CD :-)
Cool twist, crisp cool soundscape! Being a huge Marble Madness-fan, this was easily one of the best remixes I've heard on this site for some months! Btw, the original composers are Hal Canon & Brad Fuller.
I agree on the drum part and the originality of the tune. That is the reason for my rating... The main theme is a bit too weak however.....
I don't know why but I simply love this! Probably because I loved the arcade. So much energy though the main melody is a bit too quiet for my taste.
Great drums N bass but they completely overkill the actual tune, some tweakin on production needed
Outstanding drums and clean sound. The balance is expandable like the others said.
Fine work again Infamous.
Yep nice one, play list added
Infy, you rock!
Big drums - very good loop - a really good tune for the daily run ;o)
Good flow! The drums could use a little more crispness, though.
Great one. The driums are killer!
The beginning was VERY promising...
The drums in this are just nuts. My legs like.
Sometimes to much, but all in all a nice tune
Offers a lot more than just great drums. Great track.
Nice drums, great remix.

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