Infamous - northstar - the most northern point

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Nice enough, the lead is a bit in your face though..
Infys second go at a North Star tune, this is a nice fusion of moods but I prefer the simpler Subtune 1 mix he did
I quite like this, it's a bit dark and moody and even if it's a little in your face it has the right ideas. Needs some tweaking in the mixing as it sounds a bit flat, but promising enough.
Not at all bad, though I miss Infamous trademark sense for big and groovy beats a bit in this one.
Poor choice of the lead-instrument... Ruins the nice tune...
I would prefer more beat in this one (bassdrum) and the bass-instrument needs some tweaking (some effects/filter) as you did with the 303 bass later on. If there only was a nice beat I would have rated this tune very good.;-)
Although technically not perfect I vote for the nice EBM style of the early 1980s... Hey Infamous do you happen to know "Invincible Spirit"? Yer piece is quite close to "Perfect Cycle"... Thanx for it!
Otherwise good, but feels like the upbeat beat is definitely missing.
It's something about this one which makes me want to keep on listening to it...
Combining the electronic arrangement with live drums does not work for me here. And the bass lacks... Bass.
I had to check my speakers if they where stuck in surround mode. Ok arrangement though.
The mixing is totally off! Don't you guys ever listen to your stuff with headphones before releasing it???

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