Infamous - Parallax

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This tune took about 2 weeks to make, then over a period of a year i went back to it over and over again to try and flesh it out .. it was originally a 1:1 redoing of the tune but i realised so many had already done that, that I didnt want to be part of the crowd so I took paragraphs of the tune and then worked around those sections keeping in the parts that i felt are most recognisable to the original. hopefully ive done a good enough job for at least one person other than myself.


I am relatively proud of this work, a combination of two daws (ableton and buzz) and not that many vsti's for once too.. I used the sylenth for the leads, the bass comes from the nexus which I re-recorded down to sample's so I could mess around with them in audition so they didnt sound too recognisable from that vsti. Bits and pieces i made in vangaurd and the massive flesh things out nicely and the drums as usual programmed from the bottom up by myself. Cut up and .rex'd so they could be messed around with suitably.


Anyway.. i hope you enjoy the tune.

We know Infamous likes to drag remixes in different directions to the norm and this is no exception...
Real dope! This is just fukin awesome. One of my ROTY!
Gosh, I hope ppl are getting past the first 2 Minutes. This (much too long) Intro is incredible boring. After that it turns out to be a progressive Monster.
Sarah: boring intro? You must be kidding. Do you remember the original? It captures the feel quite well I think :) Infamous, I'm really happy that you did not quit remixing a couple of years ago as you said back then. Enuff said.
Long wait for nothing
Outstanding? Yeah, outstanding the limit of my patience.
Technically good, but not my cup of tea! This unz unz unz style makes every original SID lose its originality, and every tune sounds the same.
Quite astonishing to see something "new" coming out of the (excellent) Parallax theme. VERY GOOD. (EDIT: lost the file, and spent 15 min finding back the tune a few weeks later, amidst all the other remixes. THIS VERSION ROCKS!)
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Hmm, I am not as floored by this remix as others seem to be.

The intro is pretty cool sticking to the spirit of the original, but I feel the rest seems to be too afraid to cross over from the simple side.

From around 5:30 it takes on a definite kraftwerkish quality: pumping base, electronic drums, all the goodies. Unfortunately, it doesn't last too long.

Another satisfying part develops after 8:30-ish which demonstrates loads of creativity.

All in all, a technically superb remix with a few remarkable portions, but I wish those remarkable portions filled out the rest of it, too.