Infamous - Pro Bmx Simulator

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I think this is my first RED for Infamous showing how far he's come since his first outings. Really good work and very well made. Good work Infy.
Big beats, great use of instruments and sample and damn this got me moving this morning!! Gratz Infy
Holly shit! Breaks and BASS!!! I could go nitpicking on minor technicalities but I won't! Thiz fookin' moves me! Great great work infy bro! :D
This remix rocks!!! Infamous at his best!!!
I want to feel it for sure, and I did!
OH JOY! I WANT TO FEEL IT!! Fantastic Remix Mr Infy...
I have a feeling I will be listening to this tune quite a lot the coming days.
This one really rocks...
It rocks, but not enough for a red one. This sound has been heard a couple of times before...
Proper "Big Beat Eats Drum'N'Bass". I Really Like The Female "I Want To Feel It" Vocal Sample
Mixture of different 90s dance music styles! Not my cup of tea, but so extremely well executed that I have to give it a Very Good.
Samples arnt all that but the track is stunning and gives the original one hell of a kick in the ar*e - probably your best ever work - nice one
Rox hard, big beat kix ass, I will definitely bounce to this on the weekends!
Some whacking big beats here from Infamous, doing what he does best. What's good though is that the soul of the tune is the foundation and everything else is lovingly layered on top. In fact with several listens this gets better - great work, Infy!
WOW! It has a spirit. Without any doubts, this is the best Your remix mate ( so far I hope :) ). Keep up that work!
This is very good indeed! But not this amazing.
Good work. Somehow it doesn't sound so clear (saw). Sorry mate.
The lead is too grungy for me. The beat is great, I wish the rest of the remix had more meat to it.
VERY cool, Infamous! Great style and cool fx! Works very nice here and gets you moving for sure! :-D Keep it up!
Very good but not outstanding
I must say very good technic, but poor arr and quite boring in some parts
This is something I'd play in my car... And that's the highest praise I can think of...
Get in there! I agree it's one for the car. Great beat - nice grunge and very pro to top it all. Loved it.
From a technical point of view: excellent, but the arr. Itself is boring and just 08/15 stuff.
Absolutely my cup of tea, tumbs up!!
The start of the song is AWESOME, and you somehow managed to make the music sound like 3d or somethin (really cool), but the second half was kinda boring..=(
So enjoyable!!! Makes me smile!
This is one of those remixes that you hear and think 'damn, wish I`d done that! ' Great stuff!
Great work
I want to feel it! And I do! Minor issues, but overall bloody awesome!
Sry for GER: "Arme & Beine bilden eine rotierende Scheibe!" <3
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Instant Serotonine Release guaranteed! Gets me happily flying through the room every.single.time!!!