Infamous - Spy Vs Spy

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Not that impressive to be honest. The big beats are all present and correct, but it sounds way too compressed and doesn't work as intended.
A bit flat in the mix, and I may be wrong but there sounds to be some rogue frequencies really high up. Still, this is a hard track to do something interesting with, and I think you succeeded. So thumbs up!
OMG!! This is Damn GOOOOOD stuff! The most amazing Ol' Skool Breakbeat I've heard in the last decade. Really love this one! Big thank to you for sharing this groover with us!
I like the drum sample but to broaden the tune I think a few more would have been better, other than that its got a good drum and bass style.
Awesome bass - hard song to pull off but I like it - nice work
Reminds me a little of Smalltown Boy by Bronski Beat. Good to hear breakbeats instead of ever-repeating UNZ UNZ UNZ. But this kind of sound isn't really my cup of tea!
Some new beats added to the original, I like it! But could have been more varied and "wider" in the sounds... Peter W won this round :-)
Infy does what Infy do best: Fast breakbeat tunes ;O)... Well done Infy, but I missed a few prodigy-stily vocal phrases to spice it up... Otherwise a very fine mix!
No flair... No spirit at all! No way... Sorry... You had way better ones in the past already! Why THIS!?
Average breakbeat stuff. Nice work, but not too exciting for me.
Infy seriously has the beats down but this needs better mastering and sounds very thin to me.
Love the breakbeat! Like the tune, I just feel it could have done with something more up front. Different instruments, a vocal or two, a few effects? Just my opinion that`s all.
This is the best I ever heared from spyVSspy. Congrat!!! This is my phone bell sound!!!

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