Infamous - The End (fr-08)

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The original demo tune by KB has always held a place in my heart, not just because it sounds so fantastic but because of the technical marvel that it was/is, weighting in at a measly 10k when compressed and being nearly 10 minutes long .. thats nearly 1k per minute, definitely not to be scoffed at. 

I stumbled across the demake after downloading the updated hvsc and was quite impressed with ciarans rendition he's even managed to do the full 10 minute one but it was always the looped ending to fr-08 that stuck out to me and this is where this tune comes from.

Felt it quite apt that it would be called the ending as I have decided to make this the very last remix that I do and im sure it won't be everyones cup of tea being on the more harder edge of the trance spectrum and taking a leaf out of the marcel woods book of composer (this basically means distort the crap out of everything and have a hook and stick to it) I am very proud of what I've achieved with this and feel personally its my best remix so im glad to have ended on a high. 

The tune itself was done with a mixture of programs, The main line was redone 1st of all in renoise so that i could track it correctly, I then expanded it in size so that it ran at 260bpm (the tune itself runs at 130bpm on something like vdj/traktor), It was then imported as a midi to ableton where the nexus wrapped its loving arms around it, a bit of jiggling about with the square/saw modulators bit of filtering here and there and you have that relatively harsh buzz sound. Next I added the drums and the original stabbing bassline and the 1st rudimentary version of it was born which I posted to the forums and got a relatively nice reception for it which spurred me on to finish it.

Quickly gave it a proper beginning, which changed several times until you have the one you hear now.. Was just going to start on the strings and slowly bring everything together in a creshendo .. scrapped that idea quite quickly and went for the more dj friendly drum/hipass beginning, that slowly moves into the 1st dropout with the strings on their own and a preline which is the vangaurd heavily filtered and messed about with, the 1st string pattern is a simple premade noise from the nexus the 2nd string line comes out of the helix and took a few goes before I got it to sound right (that things matrix editor is a fiddly little bastard at the best of times but definitely worth the effort). 

Finally I went back over it and refined the mainbassline which is just a variation on the original one and played on a simple square synth run through a distortion unit and mono'ed then compressed down so that it didn't explode speakers. Did the same thing to the drum pattern aswell (except for the breakbeat part where the compressor is switched off dinamically), Did some variations on the hipass bass and drumwork (cut outs here and there) refined the temp filters and listened to it a few times to makes sure it sounded ok to my ears before recording it and putting it up here. 

And as i said, Im proud of it and I hope some of you get some enjoyment out of it.

Remixing has been a real learning experience and it has been a real joy and a pleasure to be able to share my visions with you all, I thank each and every one of you for listening and to the many artists here (too many to mention and if i did drop names i'd be bound to miss one) who have helped me grow as a musician with your support, friendships and the music you guy's make that I have listened too for the past 8 years or so.

I thank you from the very bottom of my heart, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you guys (and girls) and to everyone that runs this website and Kwed too, you guy's (and girls) all deserve medals... so ladies and gentleman with that, I graciously bow out on what I feel is a personal high.


Infamous aka chris bailey (mainly to his bank manager and those sods at the tax office) 

Somehow this tune makes me think of Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay. Anyway this is a nice remix, like the aggressive perc!
Excellent work Infamous, no less than a red smiley! Great balance of sound in the mastering.
Yep, I'll give this one a red smiley for sure! Thumpin'
Back in 2006 I've created remix of this but it was rejected by RKO, they said it's not originally a c64 tune. It was not nearly good as this one. Love the start, IMHO the main synth could be better, more reverb, more power.
I've heard Infy from his start in here and to what his remixes have become since then... You really progressed! ... But I ought to give you a wacko smiley for leaving the scene! SHAME ON YOU! ;O)
Melodic, agressive, top notch stuff from Infamuzzo! Crossing my finger that it won't be your last mix though... Cheerz mate!
Has the aggression and power that rings my bell. Nice work on mastering, very powerful but not over-the-top. Edit: I noticed only now that this is the end in the other mean, too... Well, good luck with everything! Hope you'll return one day :)
What a way to go. The melody synth is a bit Yanni, but man - there's no matching the original, but this comes hella close.
No, don't leave. You can't just make a masterpiece like this and go. Can you? Come baaaaack. Haven't heard the original, but this was cool stuff!
Awesome and a really worthy remix of the farbrausch original.
Kick-ass tune! Thoroughly enjoyed it!
Bloody great tune!
Not my favourite, but it's a nice quality remix.
I'm actually really quite impressed with this. I've listened to this god knows how many times. Keep it up, bud :)
Great stuff, indicates that a lot of imagination and professionalism took place
Technically brilliant, but not very interesting!
Average technical but quite repetitive

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