Infamous - Thrust (The Method)

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Infamous Veteran
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Good effort of trying to take the Thrust tune alittle different but to my ears it just didnt happen
Hasn't this one been posted before?
Love the beats! But where's the frequency range?
A very creative remixing attempt on the tune. Not much left of the original though.:)
It's nice, yet the whole mix's quality sounds very crude. Good effort on the composition, NEED TO FIX THE SOUND PICTURE!
Bad boy, come again.
Where is my beloved Thrust? Thank god it has nice beats.
It's minimalistic, got a bit repetitive samples but the latter half has a lot fresher feeling. Unusual? Yup!
Think different! Okay, it's not a HQ production but who cares...
I've got a poison, I've got a remedy. I like this one. Don't care if there isn't so much of Thrust in it, remixing is in my POV also experimenting and creating something new. A better premaster and synths would have be a good thing. Totally orth to have.
He's on a good way... But he already did better.
Really cool tune... Crystal Method must be jealous now!!:)
It's a nice idea to try and be different, but there's no soul and emotion that the original had.
A great and crative Remix - not really a top tune, cause the real TRUST Sound is not oresent enough.
Cut out most of the first part and it s a really fresh tune.. Good job :)
Interesting, retro in a sense, leaves some things to be desired but I really like what's there.
Really diggin this! Got my head bumpin. Subtle thrustin' which is cool. Maybe crisp it up in the future?
SIDish! Annoying! Especially those dumb voice samples! Technically Ok, but ab-so-lute-ly not my cup of tea!

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