Infamous - Wizball 2007

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From the recently released game ( Good solid remix with a retro feel owed by keeping faithful to the original.
The first minutes sounds like it's a long intro to something really cool, but it just never take off.
Infamous is back with the drums!:-)
Nicely done remix, very enjoyable. It's what you expect from a Wizball remix, nothing less, and - unfortunately - nothing more.
Sweet version, got a chip-tune feel to it. Part of the melody (guitar-solo-thingy) in the beginning sounds somewhat out of sync though, and the repeated pitch bends somewhat out of it. Otherwise it's a good one. Edit: relistened and changed vote to great.
A wonderful remake of the title track that complements the remade game so well.
I'd vote this higher if it actually attempted the second part of the tune, but it doesn't. Shame cos what's there for the opening part works really well!
Fine stuff.
Overall, nice effort. Very good first half (although less passionate than other remixes and certainly the original)... But then, those drums are really out of place. Totally turned off by that. Sorry.
Best Infamous ever! Almost flawless! I love it. Added to my collection.
Very nice remix
Best Wizball remix =)
Its good apart from the wobble at the start.

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