Instant Remedy - Magic Disk 64 (90's Euromix)

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Thomas Detert
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It's been a while, so I decided to make something like in the good old days and the remix ended up sounding like something from the mid 90's. There are plenty of remixers here at RKO covering all sorts of other styles, so I just did something that I like - and for fun. It's probably a quite unknown SID and I didn't discover it until a couple of years ago while plowing through HVSC. I used the many of the original sounds, especially the arp chords since those are often the reason I come back to SID tunes.

Welcome back Instant Remedy with unsurpassed 90s eurodance authenticity. Bonus points for nostalgia!
Is it just me or has it been ages since IR was last seen here at RKO? Great track...
Can't decide which of these is the most nostalgic; Instant Remedy, 90's sound or the sid sound itself. Amazing. Oh and that tb303 blew my mind!
Yay, he's back.
OMG!!! Total Eargasm! Instant Remedy is back, and it sounds JUST like it should.
Welcome back! We've been missing you. Added to my collection.
Welcome back IR! This is classic 90s eurodance at its best! As it happens, last weekend, I found a printout from 1999 of an email you sent to me :D I used to archive all my feedback back then, on paper.:)
Nice to hear a new track with that signature IR sound.
This stlye is not really my thing but the execution is flawless to subatomic particles. A kickass return I'd say.
Been a while? You're saying. Excellent come back though ;)
Glad you're back with your famous eurodance greatness!
Nice SID'n'Dance
Splendid! Thanks for the ear candy.
Nothing better than your old Ninja-Remix, but great return! Would love to hear more new tracks from you!
Kicks my guts with a great drum punch. Thumbs up!
Finally he is BACK. Great Tune. WANT MORE!!!
Welcome back!
Great 90s style. Perfect execution.
Nice piece of work thanks
This is why Instant Remedy has been my main playlist for 5 years. More 90's!
Like it, but missing something.
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This sound is exactly what I needed. It conjures my Commodore experience without being so modern as to mix the worlds too much.