Instant Remedy - Out Run

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Love it, the dance type remixes always put me in a good mood. It's a good composition with good choice of instruments which complete eachother very well. Great stuff.
Not bad, but not really taking it anywhere new either.
Great, great Outrun version! Added to my collection.
Not the best Out Run remix buut a very good one
Sounds like the sid with drums & bass to me, may have been outstanding in 2000 but Peter Ws slays this version.
The best Outrun remix there is, to my knowing. Especially the second part is awesome.
One of the best songs ever to be heard streaming from the lofi speakers of the C64, now masterfully pimped into wholesome awesomeness by IR.
Absolutely fantastic version of the classic theme! I love it!
Two thumbs up, Love it, keep it up IR you are a hard act to beat!
Excellent as per usual.
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This remix is stunning. From the moment you hear the original sid tune blend into the remix, and that wonderful engine roar past from right speaker to left you just know what's coming. Special mention to Instant for keeping this remix very C64 and yet also technically outstanding. I do love it when remixers pay homage to the original by including/enhancing the original sid sounds - and this has plenty of them. Don't worry - this ain't no sid with drums mix, just download it and hear for yourself.