R-Type Theme

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Chris Hülsbeck & Ramiro Vaca
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This is another attempt in the quest to update my sound to 2016 and sound like contemporary commercial EDM-tracks (how kids like it it these days) but it's definitely not everyone's cup of tea. I guess I spent around 80-100 hours on this remix, most of the time evaluating techniques, FX/sounds and instruments. If I would make a regular IR remix it would of course include the great arp-chords, maybe parts of the lead and don't use as much pumping etc.

Although blaspheming by excluding the original arp-chords I feel the track came out pretty neat and met my expectations and goals both soundwise and musical wise. It's full of energy and some french speech spice things up even further.

High energy to say the least. Bouncy, and in your face, although some could argue a little too bouncy!
I LOVE bouncing!
I like everything about this remix - except for the extreme pumping effect, which I find downright annoying.
Love it! Could easily be played at clubs! Nice touches to the lead sound. The baseline is a little boring, but that's my only complain! Will definitely add to playlist!:)
Sorry, to me this melody doesn't fit this genre somehow... I might be too old but I also don't like the (over)pumped mixing. Still, it's a great remix, yellow face overall.
Dancefloor filler, I think the additional parts / extensions add greatly to the overall picture, great work. My only gripe is that I got seasick by the overdosed sidechain pumping effect :)
Bit too bouncy for my taste, but well arranged!
Instant Remedy at his best - true to the original yet still with a unique style and taking the spirit of the song to a very modern piece of music
You are right, not everyone's cup of tea. Great effort anyway!
Pumping fits the genre (a crossover between generic edm and melbourne bounce), so it's not a minus for me. Doesn't get full red only because the limiter is really too heavy even for the type of track. Overall great work!
"Aucun d'entre eux n'est jamais retourné".... Definitely 21st Century Google translation :(..... Double grammatical error... "Beaucoup d'entre eux ne sont jamais revenus".... Who cares? Who speaks French anyway eh? After "Engrish", we have "Grench".
Cheers for the Grench!

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