Intensity - Sweet (True Love Remix)

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Intensity Remixer
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Hello People!

This is my first C64 Remix Ever! I hope you like it.

I wanted to do it hard to give the SID the full expression, thus it went out as a
Hard-Trance styled Track.

Check out the MUSIC VIDEO of it.
It is made by Jer/Panic, who can be found in IRCnet #c-64 as "Jari"...

If you like Trance- and Electronica-Styled SID-music, then don't miss to check also
my SIDs in HVSC at Various/Behdad_Arman, and mail me your feedback . I am always
opened for constructive critique.

Have Phun with Sweet - True Love Remix. Pump up your Volume and Bass!

Greetings to all of ya!

Arman Behdad

aka Intensity/Onslaught/Dekadence/Cosine
A really brave attempt at remixing a SID that has had many excellent remixes. It starts out fine but the "hard trance" style doesnt really work for this tune.
I'm not sure the approach to this tune is the way to do it justice. It's a good effort, even if the drums are a bit too hard, and the lead can be quite shrill. And there's already been several superb versions of this...
Now here's my cup of tea. More of this please!!!
I don't like the start, but interesting use of SID kick drum. Mixing is all over the place, and it's a bit painful but it could have been great. Plus it never really gets started. Where's the damn snare??? Gimme a snare!!! Any snare!!! Nice flute.
Agree with the other red smiley here, its god damn goregous. The different moods it creates, the balls to take it elsewhere and it reeks of sid atmosphere
Liked some of the ideas in this one but in some places it just seemed far too aggrssive and far too fiddly
Invest in a snare and you'll get a red face from me.. A completely different take for a tune seemingly expected to be downtempo and well sweet.. Nicely done
Somewhat lifeless. There are some very neat ideas here, like the flute lead, but overall I don't feel a lot of emotion in this song. However, check out the accompanying video! That is neat! (Read the ID3 tag, people, for the URL!)
Arman, you did a really good remix of this excellent sid. I am glad that you keep pretty close to the original
Very nice song. Only a better stereo-image and maybe a drum/breakbeat could make it my song! Arman can become a great composer!:)
Eehehe, cool demo style techno remix! But you sure picked a difficult tune to use this on. Why not try some of Jonathan Dunn's stuff or the Gray brothers?
Starts up too slow for my taste... Is ok later on... But still lacks the final bit to attract me really...
The drums are totaly repetitive... Invest more variations here and you will receive the red one... (at least from me)
Although this remix isn't flawless (don't quite like the panning of bass and lead) I JUST CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT!
The strings are emotional and the lead sounds work well. Dont like the distorted basskick u used. Those types of Bassdrums work better in a 4/4 banger. Plus, the choice of the breakbeat need something more elaborate. Too bad, because the rest is cool!
Somehow reminds me of "Relax it's only a ghost" by "Phantom/Ghost". Nevertheless: Flows right through me, I believe I can fly!!! Added to my collection.

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