J Krafft - R-Type Lost in Space RMX

Track info
Arranged by:
J Krafft Remixer
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
Nice approach. I relaay like the piano-part, but the rest of the track doesn't stand this quality... Apart from that, it's a fresh take on this classic tune.
The piano part is just outstanding but the rest pulls it down...
I quite like this mix of the very well known R-Type theme. As the others have said though, the piano introduction is top notch and it was a shame it wasn't kept throughout the mix.
The piano part was amazing but then... Oh dear. Why not finish the song piano only?
Yep, after the piano part it turns kind of lame...
TBH... My 1st thought was like pj's!:)
I am a long-time fan of you Krafft. I am just a little bit saddened by the synth overlay here. The opening piano is very strong by itself. - Any chance of a pure acoustic version?
I _REALLY_ like the fresh approach on this and mixing and production is top notch. Also, make a piano-only version like this and I'd double the vote.;)
Beautifull piano part!
Nice begining with piano and nostalgic brining sounds. Very good chill out in the middle, this could be an great track if not the ending
Takes a remarkably playful, upbeat C64 original and sucks the life out of it.
I love the synth overlays.. Makes it a very atmospheric piece. Like all 4:20 of it.
Still one of my fave R-Type Remixes
Have to agree with SarahKreuz. Powerfull Theme, especially the beginning. Thx.^^
I like it! The only problem I have is the (lack of? ) transition between the piano part and the electro part. Besides that I love both parts of that tune, good work!!
Really well done, however I'd prefer to have two versions. A toned down/fleshed out synth version and a piano only version. ALmost an orange but some of those notes and warps n stuff are kinda ew.

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