J Rooney - Spy Vs Spy (Cinematic)

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J Rooney Remixer
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A good effort all round, even if there isn't that much of the original Spy vs Spy main hook in there to start with. When it comes in, it just sounds a bit flat. Will people please please stop remixing this tune now?
What is with the sudden rash of Spy tunes?? Anyhow, great feel to this one, captures a spy type score well but seems a little dummed down
It certainly captures the James Bond feeling, but lacks on the technical side.
Still waiting for a kick ass version.. Not yet recieved but this sits on the fence..
Agree with LMan! It has that James Bond/Metal Gear Solid feel nailed. It lacks some technical quality, but a great idea!
Sounds similar to those soundtracks you got on the first PC games with CD tracks!:)
Guess I did the John Barry inspired version and Rooneys done the David Arnold one ;)
Sorry... Sounds too flat, thin, pure to have a chance for a 'cinematic score' in any way... There's no real 'push forward' and a must have of _full_ sounding orchestral or other insturments needed for that type of category (cinema! ). So it's just average
Hmm, For some reason, I feel this evokes memories of the soundtrack to Duke Nukem 3D. That's a good thing as far as I'm concerned, but there's not enough of it for me.
Spy vs Spy doesn't really go together with James Bond. This is the proof.
"bontempi" style... So "cinematic" is far out of reach...
Agree with the above speakers, it's too thin.
Cinematic? Trying to be, but the instrumentation is a bit on the weak side. I like the idea, though.
The orchestral instrumentation sounds too MID-ish. Cheezy!

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