Gyroscope (Give me some groove mix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Jarno Beumer Veteran
Composed by:
Graham Jarvis and Rob Hartshorne
All-Time charts position:
Fairly standard, only gets a good cos I love the original sid
It's ok. Pretty boring tune to begin with. Needs more creativity to make Gyroscope interesting imo
Nice enough as a remix, but as the source SID isn't that great, the variety of this remix suffers a bit. Good effort nonetheless though.
A bit empty, but a nice try.
There's much better renditions of gyroscope out there. This is nothing new
Sub standard sounds, boring tune unfortunately and doesnt suit this style at all.. Pretty good drumbeat though and finally... TOO SHORT!
I love the simple SID tunes, so I like it much... The end should have been better...:-)
The drums saves it from 'Poor' but nothing worth downloading.
Not bad, but a little thin on substance. The addition of a drumtrack helps, but this needs more beefing up.
Nothing special... The original has surely more 'spirit' than this...
Nice scratching effects... Apart from that there's nothing new or special.
Is this a preview? Where's the full-length version? :-) Grooves, but is too short to really rock.

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