Outrun (early 90s remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
Jarno Beumer Veteran
Composed by:
Ian W. Crabtree
All-Time charts position:
Woooo.... Yeahh! I like this one.... Finally something different..
Nice enough mix, a bit shallow for me tho
Pretty nice, but somehow I keep waiting for it to really head off.
Too much panning (especially in the beginning) spoils it a bit for me. Otherwise very nice remix. Like the use of samples throughout.
A bit flat and distant for me to give it higher than average. Like many tunes of late the idea is there though
Different attempt, but it just sounds a little bit flat to me. Better instruments would make this stand out more.
Different, but lacking a bit punch maybe.
Punchy enuff and the panning comes nice on my headphones... Something different and besides mainstream - very good!
Like the idea, but it's too simple, more "oomph" would've really helped here. (Throw in some more instruments, add a punchier bass or brighter drums - something like that.)
I have opened your homepage and... A DRM protected CD?!? PFUI!
Nicely put together
Works where it tries to be early 1990s, while the actual SID melody seems out of place here.
The lead gets on my nerves, but the tune's fresh and... Different, so I'll give it a Good at least.
Not bad good attempt at something new
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Nostalgia factor

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Finally, Jason C. Brooke's original meets hiphouse (Fast Eddie) and Shamen-esque sequences! A nice but mellow album track, which the good old Beatmasters could have transformed into a real 1991 chart-buster!