Jason and Emma Page - Uridium (OneForTheBossMix)

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Im with the above comment, great attempt at an orchestral score and also nice to see Jason Page release a mix :)
Markus and Glyn has spoiled us with symphonic stuff, and comparing this to their stuff I can only give it a Good.
Well made, but samples arn't great
Not my favourite version but nice enough
I really liked this - nice attempt at trying something different with the Uridium theme tune. Someone has been watching Stargate SG-1!
This is Great :)
Really good idea! Unfortunately I think the samples used sound a bit to cheap for an orchestral score.
I am bit disppointed... I miss the final punch... Really nice done, but I' missing something....
Agreed the samples are the downfall of this remix, but I think the overall composition is great! I Like :)
A nice bit of freshness to the uridium theme, well done
Sound like a Final Fantasy combat tune!
Redo this tune with better instruments and I'll give it a red smiley!
A nice fresh remix of uridium... But some instruments doesn't fit the track....
I think it was a great idea to make it into a symphonic piece, but the orchastra is a bit too synthy and the arrangement could've been a bit better.
Good enough for some stupid war game on the PC, but sounds too artificial and MIDish to me. One extra point off for the wrong notes at the end of the melody!
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This is good background but... main lead voice (at 0:44) reminds me Jon Well's Zynaps99. I dont like layered voices with harmonica.
I think, there are clarinet harmonica bell here and it sounds like my little brother's keyboard. Anyway whole tune is good job.