Joe [Stainless Steel] Barwick - Cosmic Bakery (TheCakeIsaLie)

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Martin Galway
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After two years doing only SID music i decided its time to try myself on a "real" remix again.
It happened rather accidentially and i realize the tune could need some more "beef".

The samples are from portal, i thought the cake thing in the game would fit with the bakery thing. Oh well, like it or not.


EDIT : i tried to beef it up and reworked it a bit
Refreshing take on the Galway classic.
Very "fedde le grande" this, lovely stuff and nice to see stainless back on the scene.
Uninspired drumbeat, no bottom end (where's the bass? ) and I don't feel the Portal samples fit with the song at all.:/
Needs more baking
The sounds are too distorted and have too many high frequencies for my taste. The speech samples have too much echo. The whole thing doesn't work imho. Making a good remix is no piece of cake.;-)
Has potential if it had a rocking base line - so left weak but not bad at all
Not bad, not superb, a bit short.
Nice enough and in your face for sure, with some punctuated beats and sonics, just a shame the low end went missing...
U sure that Valve gave u the copyrights to use their ingame voices? Further more GREAT song ill DL it quick before it must be removed
I really like it :) but a bit too short
It seems no remixer can live without his own version of comic bakery, but that's okay with me.. I like this one: I like the samples and I don't think they have too much echo for me. But I miss some deep and firm bass here. Overall a good one, I'd say.
Cooler Song!
Too much echo on the samples, I find them kind of annoying :(

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