Joe [Stainless Steel] Barwick - LazityDeexity

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Arranged by:
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Richard Rinn (Deek)
All-Time charts position:
What can I say.
Its one of my favourite Deek tunes and a homage to laxity.

When listening with Winamp or whatever, turn the EQ off please.

Made with Orion Platinum 7.11 and the following VST Instruments.

Arturia Minimoog V
reFX Vanguard
Korg Legacy Cell
Synful Orchestra
Toxic 3 (Orion internal)

Izotope Ozone 3 for mastering.

No Drumloop samples were used, all drumpatterns
are handmade with Orion's internal Drumrack.


Emmm not a bad tune, I just dont like the mastering on this track it sounds like you mastered it in a steel tank, to flat and mixing could be better.....
Well.. Can't say too much about it, only that it sounds a bit too "Amiga" for me.
I like this! Not as smooth as I would like it to be, but very enjoyable anyways.
The sounds you are trying to use are good but the sid did them better - I like it but the sid was made for this tune - nice effort though
Could be groovier, but it's an Ok remix!
I like the tune, but have to agree with the others too.
Nice enough sound, but a bit too "squelchy", especially the lead. It just needs a few tweaks in the mixing department to sound better. Certainly laid back enough though.
Got a real soundtracker-feel listening to this.:)
Very relaxing, nice stereo panorama.
Nice enough remix...
Impressive idea, very artistic and climatic, the sound could be for me a little bit clearer and sharper

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