Johan Andersson - Panther (uncaged in the west mix)

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Johan Andersson Specialist
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Another cool & innovative take on a classic tune. Hats off to Johan!
Great idea. Well done!
Not exactly the best fit of melody and style, but skillfully done for sure. Fun!
Sorry to say that, Johan, but for me it's not a really good track. The guitars in background are annoying, especially at the beginning. At 1. 55 I thought it becomes better, but shortly later the background guitars came again. Not bad, but not good either
Good stylish remix!
Review by Grigul


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Well, I don't like to say that, but - I don't like that track. Don't misunderstand me - it's not a bad one, but not a good one either. The guitars at the beginning are annoying to me. Johan, as a non-musician but lover of classic-country-music I must say: It's one thing to play a guitar in western style, but another thing to form a good melody with them. I think you understand what I want to say with my poor words. maybe I'm to hard with you now, but I can only speak for me. that track is not one of your best. You've made a lot of tracks, some of them are great. this one here - well, let me say: If it's still WIP, you should overwork it (in my opininon). If it's a final release, you should overwork it (in my opinion). As I said: maybe too hard, my review. But hey: I'm just a listener. Dr Future and LaLa, both musicians, have a different look on this track. My advice: Care about what they say, don't care about what I say. ^^