Jouni Vepsäläinen - Creatures (Subtune 8)

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Original composed by:
Steve Rowlands
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Urg, terrubly muddy, very sid 2 midi and exceedingly boring.
The first few seconds I thought, "could be interesting". Unfortunately it wasn't to be. Formulaic and it just doesn't do anything.
The mixing is very muddy and doesn't help the tune along. It does smack of a SID2MIDI conversion and sounds too slow and too dull. Sorry, but it's not worth the effort.
Again, listen to the original SID - it's more interesting!
Obvious flaws aside - zero stereo separation, muddy and unclear mixing - I find this pretty enjoyable. Kraftwerky at times, in the monotonous way it marches along. This suffers badly because its mono, a play with stereo delay would improve the arrangement
Muddy mixing aside, this is a nice slow rendition wobbling along at it's own leisurely pace. Probably won't attract that many fans, though.
Apart from sonic flaws mentioned by others, I have heard much less enjoyable remixes here with much higher rating, so...
Its quite trippy and relaxing, being in mono does let it down badly & causes muddyness and its a minute too long, but a good effort.
I think people are judging this remix too harshly. I absolutely love the instruments used and I like the arrangement. Is it mono? Yes. Is it muddy? Yes. But other than mixing problems, this is a very good spacey piece.
I agree with the latter comments, it's a good interpretation which is much better than the original.
Nice choice of instruments, if only you could clear the sound up it would be really nice.
I think to vote Bad on this is kinda overkill... I like it.
Not Bad.
Agreed with Lala, beautifull choice of instruments and very enjoyable.
This is miles better than a lot of stuff here, some people put less effort into theirs. I wouldn't call it bad either. But it's all about standards I guess.
A bit boring!

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