Juha Kaunisto - First Time

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Arranged by:
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Original composed by:
Jens Blidon
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This is my first shot at more electronic style instead on guitars while still trying to keep it somehow different and close to my own style.

And the mandatory technical info:
  • Sequencer: Logic Pro running on OS X
  • Beats: Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, some extra oomph from EXS24 sampler (thanks to DHS for the kick)
  • Bass: Spectrasonics Trilogy
  • Synths: u-he Filterscape VA, Spectrasonics Atmosphere, Native Instruments FM7
  • Samples: Some samples from Future Music collections
  • Effects: Waves Renaissance, u-he Filterscape, Logic effects
  • Mastering: DHS
Very nice track this! I am not sure if this is the final version though?
Summpi = rawk!!!! \m/ mmm... Not this time, a fantastic ambiet dance mix and I just love that backing
I love that fat bdrum!
Pink Fluffy clouds? Nice effort from Juha here, showing that he's not just about Guitars
Unexpected style from Juha. I'm loving it! Those arpeggios rule.:)
Really lovely ambient trancey flowing piece here that just makes you want to sit back and relax. Lovely stuff, and shows just why Juha is one of the best C64 remixers out there.
Very nice ambient track, not quite what I would've expected from Sumppi, but goes to show how versatile his style can be. Also outstanding mastering by DHS too.
Yeah, it's very good but I still like your guitars better, Juha!:-)
Great great stuff.. Just proves that juha isnt a 1 trick pony.. Great great stuff.
Mastered by a man who DEFINATELY knows what hes doing!! Pure relaxation from time to time... Great! Though I thought I was going deaf at the end 'cos it all went somehere else... No matter.. Part 2?
Nice :-)
Starting good, but then goes into the typical remix style. Maybe some Future Crew inspired?
The ping-pong sound is cool! But the tune ends too soon. Where's the rest?

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