K8-bit - Sceptre of Nu-Baghdad (Uber64 PMT Radio Edit)

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This was an attempt to kill 2 birds with one stone - first, I wanted to create a shorter sharper edit for the ladies @ the Pour More Tea blog for their podcast.  In this I FAILed as it ended up only slightly shorter I think lol, as I incorporated ideas I wanted to do first time around.

Secondly, I wanted to try and address the mixing issues people mentioned with the first version.  This was tricky, as I do all my composing with headphones, and whilst it sounded ok to me, it clearly didnt to a lot of people lol.  Partially this was due to my attempt to capture a bit of the Amiga version of the tune (as well as the 64 original) hence the hard panned instruments... this was clearly a mistake !

If there's one thing I definitely seem to be rubbish at, its the final mix tho - I'd swear this came out relatively quiet yet I don tknow why as it originally showed a lot near peaking!

Oh well.. its a learning process =D

Very Good
Still as good as before...
Awesome soundscape... Just great.
Hot stuff
Good stuff. Still, slightly oversized and I still could imagine a punchier sound (especially drums) - but the awesome atmosphere you created launches it quite high. Can't wait to hear the next step of 'learning process' :)
Awesome! Absolutely my cup of tea!
Veri guud.
I love this sort of thing, wonderful!
Very nice
Brilliant track - superb build-up. Wish I could place that main melody though...
Absolutely awesome!
Sweet as candy and it really gloss like satin in the sun! Purrrrfect!
Very nice to hear.
Has its moments, but not my cup of tea!
I love it!
Very nice remix!

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