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K8-bit - Tusker (Gurning 64 mix)

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This is one of those tunes I've always wanted to cover, I have always adored the bouncy rhythm of this track, and Matt Gray's cool yet bizarre trilling sound used throughout (insects?)

I decided to follow the original quite closely, until the end at least, where I decided to go off and end in a slightly more mystical tone, but gleefully with a C64 style lead instrument.

drums I found hard to do, as whatever I did just didnt sound quite right with out Matt's signature chiff-chiff-chiff hi-hat - so that got recreated too  Same happened when I went in search of just the right lead instrument to replace Matt's octave wibble..  just didnt sound right without it, so I ended up layering 2 sounds, with one patented octave wibble to restore that which needed to be =D

Promise my next remix wont have guitar in them... think I rely on them too much :P


Cool Sound
Welcome back... A really enjoyable second release here :)
Luv it! Oh the guitar is fine you dont have to change this. Well, maybe next time use a real one.
Nice work, faithfully following of the original SID. I really like the outro part. I miss the power somehow. OK with this tune I have already done what was in my mind and it's nice to hear an another rendition with different way of thinking :)
Why, that's complete madness!
Much coolness :) Guitars sound good to me.
Good tune, good ambiance
Excellent job! I did a primitive cover 11 years ago in FT2, I'm glad to hear finally someone took the courage to redo this wonderful Matt Gray tune. Keep up the good work!
Totally sick song! Massive and impressive! Lovely rhythm and beat!
One of my favourite tunes well remixed. Thanks!
0:52 and there you go *bang that head that doesn`t bang*
A perfect remix of the original SID, would like to more Matt Gray stuff remixed like this.
Brilliant. One of my favourite pieces of music. Thankyou.
Quite good...
Just been listening to it on Slay Radio and it really gets me. Just when I thought it was just nice, it takes it up a notch, and then another! :D
I love the section on the 5 min mark - excellent improvisation.
Review by Marraldinho


Artistic skill

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A really good use of the original SID and modern digital effects to give the music from 'The Desert' level a real meaty and rocking sound. I love the drums you have put on this, proper tubthumping, and the guitars and synth parts are done cleverly and not overused. It's nice to hear that you've chosen to do this in a more traditional way rather than an over effected contemporary dance version. I cannot hear this piece being arranged another way now, well done, it really is brilliant, and I hope to hear more of your work.