Calling (MegaWarhawk Apocalypse mix)

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Rob Hubbard
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Superb mix and sublime change between the two tunes, only misses out outstanding by the smallest of margins. But overall well produced and a corking tune, well done Trace
It is very nice, not sure about the introduction part to Warhawk being emotional enough, but once it kicks in it works fine. Sounds very nice though!
Almost too crispy sound. The mix is razor sharp!
Agreeing with Makke on the mixing. Nice lead synth!
Nice one...
Very good take on the original, just a lil too dancey for my taste but it's gold!
Not really my cup of java, but still good. The background kinda reminds me of Magnetic Fields, dunno if that's just me tho heh
At first, I liked this tune bc I fell for the voice part. But after listening several times it reveals its true character: Technically Ok but a little boring. Too slow? The Mega Apocalypse part doesn't fit in for my taste.
Great Sound and mixing, but after Cher started singing under those beats... No thanks. Sorry.
Wow, I'm surprised this isn't rated any higher!
Sounds quite good, but quickly gets a bit boring, because it repeats too much.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

It's not really a fusion of the two tunes, it's more of a 90% being Warhawk, the remaining 10% being Mega Apocalypse. Personally, I would've prefered if it stayed on Warhawk exclusively, the Apocalypse portions sound totally out of place.

It's pure dance-music that mindlessly repeats part of Warhawk's melody. At first it all sounded great, but as it just goes on and on it became tedious to me. That's too bad, because it sounded so promising.