PowerTrace - A New Rambo Order(mashup1)

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Martin Galway
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It was due to make a remix of Trons rambo loader cause I would do one for over a year ago... :P

So here is a mix/mashup between Trons Rambo Loader and the bassline from Breitbandkatze

Bare in mind that this is a remix I did just for fun :D


Thanks to Tron for sending me the new order/breitbandkatze and rambo audiofiles of the leads

A very good remix but I don't think you can beat Tron at his own game mate!:)
There's something about that New Order type sound that just appeals to me! Works every time! Nicely mashed up too! Had it not been for the guitar based break in the middle I would have given it a reddie!
Well done...
Really good. Keeps my feet stompin... ;o)
I like this a lot more than the Ace2 remix. I still dislike that smeary synth which starts at 1:10 and 3. 51 (had too much Jan Hammer back then I guess). The rest Sounds nice.. And I do think the guitar fits.
Very good remake, Kent!
Have to agree with Skitz, it's a great track but Tron rules all mashing on this piece!
Much better than the Ace2 remix. Cracking stuff.
Nice work!
Again, great work! But the break at 2:22-2:51 just ruins the mood for me... ->orange
Way to go Kent!
Prowler said it.
My humble individual comment for the second... The main lead melody doesn't fit that well together with the style, IMO. Nice try though, and pretty good arrangement despite the disharmony in many parts and style mix.
Cant wait for the boz fetish mix of this! Nice one
Awesome beat, great arrangement, grungy sounds, nice mashup!
Very nice ideas, though some parts needs some work to be perfect! Especially the part that prowler points out.
Ooo something is missing... Oh I know some little bit of outstanding awsomnes. All in all nice trance track
Actually I don't like this unz unz unz stuff. But this one has something. I like the way you slightly altered the melody and harmony of the original tune. Gives a whole new flavor to the tune!

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