WOTEF Tune 4 (The saga is complete)

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Neil Brennan
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I'm a wierd guy with a wierd brain doing wierd mixes in the middle of the night.

After many many month of no inspiration, someone said that i should complete the wotef set of tunes and one night in about 4:30 hours i did the last tune.
The hardest of tunes on wotef and the tuffest project i have ever done ;)

The original tune is about 7 seconds long so it was abot of a task to push it up to about 5 mins that i did

And a big hug and thanks to my sis Lia for doing some speech for the mix

Anyway, i hope you like it, It was fun and hard, believe me! :O

Dont get me wrong, this is very good but it just seems to repetitive for me
Cant make up my mind if I like it or not.. On one hand its a bit repetative, but on the oither has its highlights. Think it just wins me over enough to mark it as very good. But it was a close call
I really like it! Especially considering the original doesn't gvie you that much to work with.
It's a good attempt at covering a very limited C64 tune (as it's not very long). It can be a bit repetitve though so it needs to be shortened.
Corny thus great!
Me like a lot, maybe one complaint though, could use a bit more variety.
Sounds a lot like Art of Noise (Paranoimia anyone? ) which ain't bad. Actually, quite nice.
Err, is a good conversion, but..
Nice, but too repetitive...
Like it a lot. Decent electronic music. William Orbit esque, too, which is a good thing.
Good synth tune.
Cool instruments, technically sounds very good, but it should be shortened to make it more punchy, because it's a little drawn out.
Hmm. Sounds like "Fem myror... " three minutes into the tune. But overall it´s good!
Strange style, I don't like it. But technically it's Ok.

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