KeysersozeH - Golden Axe rmx

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A kick-off to a golden axe theme suite with trance and orchestral influences. Hope it works in the end.

Nice ancient theme with syhths. Like JT's one but more orchestral. A good combination here, but this one seems unfinished and ends up too early.
The orchestral part is very nice. But the track is too short.
Had to listen several times before I started liking it. Strange mixture of Orchestral and Techno sounds! Kudos for innovation!
Where's the rest? Just as the orchestral part is getting very good, the remix ends. Too bad, what's there sounds promising.
An interesting idea, synths and synthetic orchestral bits.. Very well done and enjoyable tolisten too
Nette Ideen, nur leider etwas kurz geraten.
As others have mentioned, orchestral part is best part of this mix. Overall this seems to be little unfinished, maybe more percussion instruments to the backround or something like that to move this song foward.
Very smooth synth mix.
Nice, but not long enough. You should have used all the Golden Axe themes.
Muuuuchooos too shortuuus... I also wish for some more variation and a better ending...
This sounds like a work in progress and is unfinished. Real shame, because what's there doesn't sound too bad at all.
It is just a start to a brilliant potential tune - its techinically great - just ends when its picking up
To short but it has potenial to be much greater. Keep up good work
Ends when it should've taken off. Shame. Good start!

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