Kjetiln - Fist II Legend Continues (Unzy Remix)

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Fist II Legend Continues (Unzy Remix)
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Hi all!


I'll tell you why I chose this style for the remix.

Some years ago I had this melody in my head, but I didn't know where it came from. I started playing it on my keyboard, and as usual when I play stuff on my keyboard, I set the techno rythm on So for several years I've been playing it on my keyboard in a similar style to this. I always knew it was a c64 tune, though haven't played Fist II, and only heard it once before, it was impossible for me to figure out which game it was. Of course, I could just ask... but then I heard the Band in the rain version.. and suddenly I knew what I was playing. Of course I was a little shocked the original tune is so slooow and oriental..

But nevertheless, I thought it suited the style I'd chosen for it, so I tried to remix it in FL Studio. I think this might be my 10th try..


I want to thank all of you all for your great comments! I really appreciate it!

This unzy style just doesn't cut it for me with this tune. The whole feel of the original is completely lost and it doesn't feel emotional and Oriental.
I just don't think you can do a Trance version of FIST II without it sounding wrong.
Not bad in the overall department, but the original track not really suited for this kind of version, imho. Brave attempt, although a bit misplaced.
That's a surprising choice for style; lots of kudos for trying something completely radical with this tune! Technically, it sounds a bit lackluster, but the idea is definitely there. Puts Fist II in a brand new light.
*lol* - yeah, that's at least fun to listen - for me at least.
Great opening - nice (synthie)panflute - great baseline - simply a outstanding remake - The OrchHit needs more rev and there could be a better high frequence mixing but I love this remix!
1st time ive actually enjoyed the sid, as I despised the original with a vengeance so well done for making it palatable for me hehe, nice bit of danceyness
Karate with unzzz - but does it work - just - I like it - not a world beater but a brave and good effort
I thought to myself "Hey this tune is pretty unzy". Then I saw the title (unzy remix), so I guess you did what you aimed for. Well done.
Feel-good music! Fresh! Fun! Retro! Non-repetitive! I like the bass sound, the slow flute part at 2:22 and the 3/4 part at 2:51.
Fun stuff, but in my ears the song don't really match that rave style
First time listening sounded a bit monotonous and as said before, losing the original mood - but then it took off, lifting me up with its happy clappy cheery unzy... *starts dancing* yay!!!! :-D
Never been to fond of these oriental SIDs, but this version was pretty neat. I just think it sounds a bit "dry".
Fun to see a new take on this one but since the original was and still is one of my fav tunes/game I can't really appreciate this. Still fun with new stuff =) though the 3/4 part sounds SHITE!!
The final part spoils it a little for me, and it suffers from repetition. Otherwise its a fine effort.
Simply brilliant, Kjetil!
I just like it
Great music, can't stop listening to it...
+ for idea, but remix is just good. Would love to hear this rearranged in future years :)
Amazing, demanding a longer mix.

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