Kjetiln - Human Race (Goldrunner) Remix

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Human Race (Goldrunner) Remix
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Kjetiln Veteran
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Thanks for all the kind comments on this remix. I really appretiate it! 


This remix is inspired by 1990's dance music, and escpecially It's a lovin' thing by CB Milton (Thank you jaytee for naming the tune).

The original tune was composed by Rob Hubbard for the game The Human Race for the Commodore  64 and was later used in the Atari ST game Goldrunner.

The tune is remixed to death allready, but since I have had this idea for very long, and since there are not too many dance remixes of this tune, and simply because Goldrunner was one of my favorite games when I was a kid, I chose to go for it!

So here we are. Yes, there are some wrong notes, and they are intentional, both to give the tune my personal touch and to fit the style of the remix. And maybe alittle because I made the remix in one go before actually listen to the original, and liked it so much, I didn't want to edit the melody, even though I realized there were some wrong notes. If there are a huge request I might consider making a version with a 100% correct melody


This is meant to be UNZ.. if you don't like unz, don't download it.. and don't vote, please..



Human Race (Goldrunner) Remix
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Yeah, I'm liking this! Hi-Energy version of the subtune that most people cover. Some "wrong notes" here and there, but overall, good!
Very catchy remix!!! (something that annoys me a little is the sudden "stops", @ 0:55 or 2:17...)
Great stuff....
Proper "unz! " mate!
Nice remix, but it suddenly stops at 2:06!? What happened to the ending?
Groovy, I like it
Not my cup of tea. Too much UNZ.
I can hear the CB Milton, :) It's a loving thing is the song you're thinking of. A true 90's disco classic!!
Like it. It's easy-listening and catchy.
Contains all a good clubsounding track should have and I like the changes in tempo and lead instrument while still keeping it close to the familiar C64 tune
Very good! Overall very solid. Too much going on at times, and the beat drowns a bit. But I like the direction you take it from 3:40 and out. ReFX is our mutual friends;) Good one!
What I should have done when id remixed it, hats off to you mr, great remix
Shithouse - makes me want to load up the SID to remind me how good this tune was.
Not very original!
Great tune! Loved the crowd.
Nice dance mix. I also liked the lead instrument variations but what I very much dislike is the way that the tune kind of restarts at 3:12. It kills the groove there just before the great finale.
Pretty good! Nicely arranged and mixed.
Very good work! Remove some details like crowd noise, and crappy ending - they ruin this remix. Strat is however brilliant.
I don't know what you all guys have to grumble about this tune. In my opinion it is one of the best remixes on this site. It has a perfect mix of melodies and trance :D
Perhaps the best Human Race remake so far? A bit cheezy in the end, but what the heck.
I almost like it but sounds doesn't sound too clear form me, nice work but not my type on play list
Could do with some better mixing, but the energy and arrangement is there for sure. Good job, Kjetiln!
One of the best remixes here, I love it!

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