kjetiln - The Settlers (tranced up a bit)

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The Settlers (tranced up a bit)
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kjetiln Veteran
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Thanks for all great comments and votes! I really appreciate it!

I might make a remake of the original tune one day that sounds more like the original than this one...
This is the first time I've heard anyone try to do something with this classic piece of music - just a really really good effort.
Different, but you really have to stop using that synthetic vocal
Really amusing take on the original! :-D
Very creative remix :)
Very good remix...
Nice one! The instrumentation is great, but the drumbeat gets boring after a while. ~BUM BUM BUM~ ;)
Nice Nice.... Almost perfect but great
Good idea. Well done.:-)
Simply fantastic! Never thought ever to listen to the Settlers theme that style :D
Great sounding music. Love the vocal parts. The only thing holding it back from "great" is some of the highs still sound video-gamey
Good remix, but the kick drum could be different (better) :)
Bit of a laugh this.
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AWESOME big raves for this. I love the synthetic vocal! Sounds good in the car whilst flying down the motorway

I'd be very interested in any other settlers remixes you make, the tune was class. I remember it being on for perhaps a couple of weeks at a time. When youre map got a bit big it took a few days to get a house built Great remix cant imagine playing settlers with it on. But love it, full raves!!