Kraku - Speedball Remix 2004

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Arranged by:
Kraku Veteran
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Original composed by:
David Whittaker
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Dec. 5th 2004, 9:21pm.

I ran out of energy and inspiration, so I consider this tune finished. I didn't have time/energy to do any fancy mixing nor mastering, but I guess this should do.

Almost two years before I made this version of Speedball, I did an early test version of the same tune with different sounds. That test version wasn't very good sounding, except the drums and the bassline had something interesting to them which I liked. So two years passed without me even remembering this tune, until I found it again from my harddrive.

Almost immediately I got inspired to do a new and complete version of this tune, and this time I had also decided to finish it! I threw away all the original material, except the kick and snare drums. Everything else had to be remade from scratch. So I started tweaking my VST synths in Ableton Live 4 and finally came up with something resembling a Speedball main tune.

When the song was almost finished, it was time to do some tricks in the post mixing phase. This means all those main mix filtering effects and extremely fast audio stutter/chopping effects as well as some extra sound effects etc.. These were necessary to make all the different song part transitions to fit together. I think that making this tune took me something like 2-3 days and the "post mixing phase" took another 2-3 days. It was actually quite hard to find suitable ideas to make the song part transitions as smooth as possible.

Finally I ran out of energy and I didn't create all those extra sounds and variations into that song, even though I would have wanted to. I also didn't have energy to do proper mixing anymore, so I just had to consider the song finished, so I released it in RKO.

All the sounds were created from scratch by me and are completely synthesized by using VST instruments (no samples used what-so-ever, no drum samples, no C64, nothing...). I tried to get a bit of that old SID feel to some of those sounds and I think I managed to do that well enough so that people didn't get too upset with he song itself

The list of software I used to write this tune:
  • Ableton Live 4
  • GMedia impOSCar
  • Novation V-Station
  • Korg Legacy Collection MS-20
  • FXpansion DR-008
  • LinPlug RM IV
  • Kjaerhus Audio GEQ-7
  • Kjaerhus Audio GCO-1
  • Kjaerhus Audio GPP-1
  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay
  • Kjaerhus Audio Classic Phaser
  • PSP Nitro
  • Korg Legacy Collection MDE-X
  • OhmForce Predatohm

Both V-Station and MS-20 were used to create only ONE sound each. Everything else was impOSCar (except the drums, ofcourse).
Very monotonous. Still, nice.
I think this is a really good remix but yet again we have such a high standard these days or I would have given higher
It's unusual what he's done to the sid, but despite that it's no more than nice
Its good if released a few years back would have recieved a higher rating, will be interesting to see what Kraku comes up with in the future
It's a bit monotonous, but the feel is there and it's well mixed.
Quite cool. Short and sweet musical patterns. A bit of a rollercoaster ride.
No bad remix at all, but kinda boring
Interesting.. Retro.. Retro.. Nice one
I like this one a lot.. Really nice uptempo mix.
Very nice electronic remix...
I like the sounds on this one. Repetative, but no more than the original track
Really nice samples give a good Sid feel, top stuff.
Voted very good, if only for the great instruments though ;-) A few variations would have done this track good :-) (and yeah I know the original isn't really.. Inspirational in this respect ;))
Very nice, some minor flaws...
Reminds me more of the Amiga version, not that's it's a bad thing either :)
Very nice
I only have positive things to say about this one. Great sound, even somewhat original (in my ears at least). Tune is not dragged out; has good length and good tempo.
I disagree with the rest - not monotonous at all. Cool hard beat, excellently mastered. The break is perfectly timed as well. Lovely!
Good, but... Do you know "theme variations"?
Better than average. It will fit well in my playlist, but nothing that really stands out from the crowd.
Just one word: grrreat!:)
Although really high speed, this tune rocks. Well timed and nice choice of instruments. The nostalgic touch to it makes it an 'outstanding'
I don't understand why I never voted on this one before, because I love it! Dirty, fast and fantastic! Reminds me of some of Future Freak's SIDs.:)
Love the drums. Added to my collection.
To my ears, this is simply briliant. I can`t think of a single thing I`d change.
Cool 8)
LOVE IT, fabulous tune!
This tune has some outstanding moments and is awesome in many ways.
Very good indeed!

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