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LaLa - Paperboy Hi-Score (Angelized)

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Paperboy Hi-Score (Angelized)
Arranged by:
LaLa Veteran
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(Come on, come on! Gather around the campfire! Let us sing you a song about those special people in our lives.)
(Here we go: 1-2-3-4)

You are an angel,
you are a sweetheart,
you are so beautiful,
and filled with love!

You are the sunshine (who)
melts my heart instantly.
I hope you'll stay with me
for all Eternity.

You are an angel,
you are a sweetheart,
you are so beautiful,
and filled with love!

You are the sunshine (who)
melts our hearts instantly.
We hope you'll stay with us
for all Eternity.


Sheep sounds:

- soundmary: sheep in field

- zachrau: Sheep bleating 2

Small crowd sound:

- oniwe: smallAudienceChatter

Uh, vocals in a remix? That's always a so so thingy...
Great arrangement. Not so great vocals. And the sheep+campfire illusion didn't work for me.
I love the idea, only quality of that voice like crypton stuff lowers the rating. Real voice would be great.
Haha. XD
That's a strong NO.
Review by Poke16384


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Wow! The master of reviews does a remix.. The concept is original, (sheep & campfire) and suits the acoustic guitar which is well executed and sets the mood. How fortunate you are, Imre, to have a choir on hand by your campfire, ha ha! Putting vocals in, makes this an unusual remix for this website but fair-play to you, for doing it. The remixes & covers that we upload here should push the boundaries. The melody and chord-structure of the original are kept faithfully with a couple of nice, tasty guitar variations. I almost believed you had a perfectly pitched singing voice, (just a couple of glitches in the pitch correction). My only crit - The lead-vocal is slightly ahead of the rest towards the end... Do you know what? Overall, this is different and out of the ordinary... and I think it deserves a decent score, just for that! (have you been listening to my remixes with lots of sounds behind the music? LOL).