Laoudis - R-Type (Laoudis Version)

Track info
Arranged by:
Laoudis Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck & Ramiro Vaca
All-Time charts position:
Basic, but effective, and with the exact right amount of retro vibe. My only complaint is that the track doesn't progress, the arrangement is the same from start to finish.
I like Your version, good debut!
Love this one - it's easy to tell you've listened carefully to the original. I also like the raw dry sound with close to zero effects, along with a nice set of synth patches!
The dryness of the mix bothers me, so does the amateurish instrumentation (esp. The bass). Kudos for replacing the arpeggios with chords! The remix shows a lot of promise when it strays away from the original with some improvisations (from 2:07).
R-Type has to be one of my favorite sid-tracks ever made. You almost hit it, but the arrangement needs some progression, also the lead. I'd love to hear a second version!
Good one!
I agree with all the comments about developing the instrumentation and theme progression (my ears want to hear something stronger after 2:11 - hey what a great solo before! ) - but it made me feel right, anyway :) Welcome to the board!
Like especially the SID/Retro touch!
Nice one!
Distorted and dirty like the original SID!

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