Laoudis - Spy vs Spy

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Laoudis Remixer
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Really nice mellow remix.. Best I've heard out of the recent spy vs spy remixes.
Sweet acid jazz drum N bass mix, its got a Goldie / Photek vibe to it, the bass and drums are excellent.
The acid drums feel a bit out of place in this jazzy mix, but other than that - two thumbs up!
Loved this! The original SID is a fun but short little tune with not much material to work with. You get around this very nicely with your added part that fits in very well with the tune. Nice sounds and clever use of samples from the SID version!
Well thats really nice but why only 41 sec long? :( my download only have 41 seconds @ necro
41sec? It's 2:40 :) Nice stuff, many interesting details were added. @nummer2: ok! Hope you can DL the full verson somehow :)
This is ingenious stuff. The drums give me an Amon Tobin feeling.
Impressive take on SID....
Been listening to Herbie Hancock (Black Gravity) have we? Hehe ;) Anyway, the arrangement is spot on for this type of track. Cute!
Wow - like the use of drum & bass to emphasize the theme. Great new take on a classic!
I like the style of this. When the original SID sample kicked in, it gave me shivers
Bloody awesome!
Clean and simple, very well executed, the drums DO stand out a bit much though.
Very clean. Excellent job.
Nice, chilled-out version! Great job! Added to my collection.
Lovin' the 'chilled-out' atmosphere!
Really don't like this arrangment

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