Larsec - Comic Bakery (Lunar Bakery - Feat. Nina Luna)

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Lovelly Vocals, Good music... Not convinced that they work together that well though. It's like gentle vocals with hard sound.. Something more subtle would have worked brilliantly IMHO
MMMMMMMMMMMMM Nina Luna, come hither!
Sadly I have to agree with the others: It's like vocals and playback of two completely different versions combined. And artificial guitars :-(
Somehow the drunken version appealed more to me. I need another beer. She has a very good voice though...
I think it pars better than the Beer mix, the vocals at the start could have been dropped a little lower on the octave to suit it a bit more, kinda worked at the end but just didnt suit it again, def no Evanesence (or whatever they are called ;) )
A red one for the voice, a green one for the mixing of two styles not comaptible, imho, so makes a yellow. So please once again.
If the vocals in the first half did just not sound so short-winded several times! You can hardly get used to it...
Excelent! Alternative! Refreshing! Awesome!
Like the beginning a lot, builds up to something that unfortunately it's not quite.
Awesome performance by Nina Luna, weird arrangement by Lars. Maybe doesn't happeal to the common taste, but definitely fantastic.
It started out as something average. I thought "throw out everything but the vocal and we have a good song" Then I heard the last part. It pulled the song up to a Good mark. Please, make this again, without the boring, poor first part.
Well, this is disappointing: the very beginning with just the singing is really lovely, organic and original. But then it quickly goes downhill into sonic chaos. Drop the crappy background track, keep the lovely vocals.
Great song, love the contrasting vocal and music
Nice voice of Luna in general so far... But the version doesn't fit to all that! No good idea in the end...
I liked it very much until that guitar started...
The first part sounded really nice, but the second part was totally awful (listen to the o2 version with Hanna Kappelin instead to see how it should be done). As for the third part, I shouldn't comment, because that kind of music isn't my cup of tea...
Great voice and great backing.
Interesting remix, I think the vocals plus the guitars is a great combination. Make more tracks like this one please.
The singing is Ok, although it sounds a little wanna-be Visa Röster. But the muzak is too loud for my taste, especially the "hard part" starting at 3:26.
Nice vocal work, but the rock-style the track ends with... Lose it.
Nina nina nina nina :) Great vocals with great music!
Nostalgic emotions to hack/sign... Good song

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