Larsec - Comic Bakery (The Beer Crave)

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Nice try on something different, but I really don't like this one. Barely can understand a word of the singing either. Very nice end though!
Drunk sod! Nice idea, prefer the other version :)
YES! I love it. Original distorted bass groove and punkish singing for the first half and stomping hard rock with perfect wah-guitar the last half. Full marks!
The first half is a bit of a mixed bag, not sure Lars should be singing rock stuff, but the second half kicks ass.... If it had been like that all the way thru I would have given it a better vote. Great industrial drum beat tho.
Galway meets... The voice is not cleary hearable... At 2:08am I should not listen this....
This is just awful due to completely crappy vocals!
The other version feat Nina Luna was much better. Throw out everything exept the last part and it might earn a 'Good' mark.
When will people learn that most anything they come up with when they're totally drunk just doesn't hold up to any standards after you sober up? ... (Therefore we shouldn't stop drinking beer. Ever.)
Well, maybe a fun version only... Nothing more! Sorry, dude... Even the second half couldn't get me to give this another vote than 'poor'...
OMG Larsec, this is frightening! :D
The music is the same as in the Lunar version, still too loud and crappy. The only good thing, the singing, is missing here. Instead: A silly drunkard. Yuck!
Too wierd for me... Rock and dark lyrics combines with a C64 track? I don't get it. Sorry.
This is going straight to my playlist
Very cool first part, gotta love that rythm. Funny lyrics. For once the strange danish accent actually fits.

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