Larsec - Commando (Orchestral - Compo Edition)

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This one was done in 2-3 days in a program I had never worked with before... and you can hear that. For personal reasons I really wanted to be in the compo and with the short time I had to do it in the result suffered. I like the ideas and some of the parts turned out well. I'm over-all happy with it although I could have used another week to work on details and mastering (which is not present whatsoever)...
Very nice orchestral version! Remeber the track is verygood made! I remeber it so well!
I love orchestral versions. This tune is one of the best on this site.
Fortunately the title says that this is supposed to sound orchestral, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed. "Hommage to old MIDI sound cards" would've been a better title, though.
Very Mike Oldfield inspired, I believe (Ommadawn or other works of that era) - quite nice
Ye, it's good...
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I`ve heard so many remixes of the various Commando tunes, I lost count. This one starts very slow with a single wind instrument playing the lead of the hi- score tune - a very nice piece of remix. Then it switches to the main theme with a more grandiose style. High marks for choosing a SID tune that doesn`t lend itself naturally to the symphonic treatment, but except for a few inspired spots (which are mostly where the choir is audible) I find the arrangement crooked and somewhat misdirected. Also, most of the instruments are panned dead center which sounds especially unnatural in a symphonic piece.