Forbidden Forest

Track info
Arranged by:
Lee Remixer
Composed by:
Paul Norman
All-Time charts position:
This is genious in my ears!!! Love it!!
I didn't know Paulinho da Viola does C64 remixes! ;-) Great Brazilian feel! Added to my collection.
I really appreciate this remix, from something dark to something so calm. Nice.
Not perfect, but this one feels like a fresh shower among 2000 dance trax. It has nothing to do with the mood of the original, that is one half of the mass downvoting I guess. It has nothing to do with the popular styles, that's the other half.
Ah a real guitar in the hands of an artist! Stick fruityloops up yer ****!
Way too underrated! Love it!
Too much reverb, but still great.
Review by maindrian


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Yup, big fan of this.

A remix, custom made for winding down and relaxing, which isnt something you'd expect of a creepy tune like Forbidden Forest. Its just pure acoustic guitars and sheer bliss. So go make yourself a mug of cocoa, find a big comfy chair, put this remix on and imagine you're sipping wine somewhere in the south of France or something.

I heartily reccommend this for all of those who want something different.