Little Jester - Parallax Title (Little Jester remake)

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Parallax Title (Little Jester remake)
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Was seeing Jeroen Tel and Matt Gray remaking their old C64 tunes, as well as some Galway remakes from Gray, which I all love btw.


I recently already did a setup on my Nord Lead 2x that sounded like a SID kind of approach, so I took that and I just couldn't resist to try to recreate the magic from Martin Galway's Parallax title screen epic for myself. 


I tried to stay true to the original as much as possible. Even play the original in the intro and outro as a backing track. But almost all elements are recreated on the Nord Lead 2x, as well as some additions and tricks from the Easily Embarrassed library (EE is an electronic group I'm part of).


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Really nice once it picks up!
The sid chip is the reason I'm here. Nice retro styled remix. Warhawk next please!
Wicked! Massive kudos for the tune!
Massive respects! SID on steroids. Well done, sir!
This is epic, a sid remix symphony!!
This is how I like my c64 remixes!
That's realy cool stuff! Superb remake of the original sid tune!!! More mixes like taht please!
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To think one of the guys who made 'Reincarnation' (one of my favourite psychedelic dub tunes of all time) has done a version of my favourite C64 theme tune! It's truly a dream come true, you made my day man!