LMan & Sunflower - Follow Me Back In Time (Progressive Sample III)

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Synth Sample III (Subtune 10)

This very short SID tune by Rob Hubbard is likely to be known from the Dynamic Duo, who stole the SID for their crack intro. Fortunate for me, otherwise I prolly wouldn't have known it.


STIL info says it covers Human League's Do or Die, but I'd rather call it inspired-by than a cover, since there's little similarity.

The Remixes

It was a fun afternoon recording the vocals on our very crappy microphone! Cleaning the noise from the samples afterwards was not that much fun, hehe...

The idea was to do a tribute for the Back In Time Live 3 event in London. The Synth Sample III SID provided a perfect template for the dance-tune style I had in mind.

If you could feel the magic in the original SID, chance is you're gonna love the remixes, accompanied by Sunflower's energetic voice!

- LMan


There is a party where we're all gonna be,
just bring your friends and some joyfull memories
You're gonna like it there my friends, trust in me,
come follow me now, down to BITLive 3

Come, follow me!
Follow me back in time!

c64 play my favourite melodies,
play it on cd, mc, mp3
Everybody set the 8-bit spirit free,
enjoy yourself down at BITLive 3

Come, follow me!
Follow me back in time!

The picture was taken at BITLive 3 by Warren Pilkington

Sunflower isn't the best singer in the world, but I like this song anyway! Added to my collection.
Omoroca: yep, but the girl has style :) With some lyrics upgrade here and there that would be red for me. Man, I loved that tune so much...

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