LMan - Family (Hard n Heavy)

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This is a remix of the title music from the game Hard 'n Heavy. The original was composed by Chris Hülsbeck. I dedicate this remix to all my family, but especially to my loving wife, and to our twin sons, who sadly never lived to see the light of the day.

We'll always remember you!

Not only to us, but to several other community members, the recent times have been sad and troubled. In such times, the importance of family becomes more obvious than ever. I think a sense of family unity is something the world's civilised cultures have to desperately learn again. It opens your heart for other people's needs, and helps you get through hard times.

I hope you enjoy this remix!

Have a nice day,

- LMan

What a wonderful remix... thanks very much, I love it!
(Chris Huelsbeck)
Great Remix! Very well done.
Great SID (one of my faves) and this really does it justice; So soft and mellow you just float along with it. Also brings a tear to my eye everytime I read LMan's info on it. Makes it a very emotional song for me.
Really good remix from a really good tune from a really good game. Did DL when first heard it on takeaway and then on slayradio. Keep it up!
I'm a father of 2 kids, and this one gives me that special family feeling the arranger has meant to. Very nice! Added to my collection.
Just love it...
Somehow reminds me of my childhood. Maybe because it sounds like a theme of an 80s tv series. One of the most emotional remixes ever made and I love remixes of that kind. You know what you're doing! Great job!
Yes, reminds me of 80s tv series as well, Miami Vice like, great:)
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I absolutely love this Huelsbeck song. Oooh, the memories.

This rather sweet remake by LMan has a sorta mid 1980's sound (like a TV-series), mainly due to the piano theme and the drum machine sounds, I think. A perfect fit for a family show.. hm, maybe that's the title clue?

Starts out with a really nice slow atmospheric intro, and then progresses with the piano theme, and finally a guitar solo.

Nice mix with plenty of reverb.

My only reservation is the guitar sound, which would have benefitted from being a real guitar instead of a keyboard sound (although the programming sounds real enough). Oh, and the piano seems a bit artificial in the programming (perhaps too rigid quantizing?).

Thumbs up! Very nostalgic for me