LMan - International Karate (LManic Hiyyyah! Remake)

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International Karate (LManic Hiyyyah! Remake)
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My attempt on Hubbard's masterpiece!

I've been missing plenty of sleep to finish this one, but I guess it was worth it!

Comment by Rob Hubbard:
Checked it out - it is very cool. I would have beefed up the bass and drum parts in the middle section, and also hired a vocalist and added real voices !! Thanks for the kind words Have a pint for me ! - Rob

I actually did beef up the bass and drum parts after receiving this message, but - well I skipped the part about hiring a vocalist...

Have a nice day everyone!

- LMan
International Karate (LManic Hiyyyah! Remake)
Wow! The BEST Int. Karate music remake so far! (The origina C64 version had slightly better balance with instrumens though)
This is how the original IK would have sounded if the C64 had the ability to play mp3!
This is just fantastic, one of the best remixes I heard in a long time and one of very few that do the whole of this tune. Excellent.
Great Remake! Thanks very much...
Captures the sound and atmosphere of the original brilliantly. One of the best IK remixes.
One of my favouriate games; done very well.
One of the best IK version ever!!! Both LMAN versions are so cooool! Added to my collection.
One of my all-time favorite mixes!! Great work LMan!! Just great!
IK series was on of my fav games and we spent hours playing it in 80s and tobe honest this remake is the best so far its a gem thanks
Wonderful choice of sounds, beautifully done. Great work LMan.
This one ROCKS! Thumbs up!
It can't get much cooler. Awesome!
Aah, really like this mellow version!
Lovely! Goosebumps! Slow ambient approach this time! Amazing!
Had this on my PC for ages.. Love it.

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