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Synth Dive
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Synth Dive was a little music demo by Michael Winterberg. The tune had an experimental feel to it, switching moods from upbeat to ambient, and with a lot of swirling sound FX.

I've tried to preserve that feeling in my remix of this nice little ingenious SID tune.

- LMan
Synth Dive
Had to dig the sid out for this one... But this is a fantastic mix, well produced, good choice of instruments and a joy to listen too
Superb! I really must do something like this myself one time
Again, outstanding from markus. I think it'll suffer a wee bit because the original material he's remixed from is forgetable. Great job tho on remixing a very average sid
So well produced! Not one of LMan's finest, but still impressive!
Darn, this is mighty fine. Really uplifting melody and makes you feel happy all over. And a great job despite it being not Michael Winterberg's best SID too. Yaay!!
Very good! Very chilled in places! Good old SID sounds in places!
Markus "Little" did a great job. *g*
Real nice, a Michael Winterberg cover... Rare in these days... Great work!!!
I agree with Tas on the point that the tune suffers from its root, the original SID. LMan managed to produce something audible out of it!
Would have preferred a quiet, all ambient tune...
Well done
Technically excellent but emotionally uninspired!
That version puts the original tuna on an another level.

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