load_error - Gauntlet III (Low Radiation Mix)

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load_error Veteran
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Very short sid to remix, but i like so much the beginning melody so I decided to build a tune around those few notes. True, maybe theres not too much of the original. I have made a similar bassline, and a similar lead at the end that reminds to the original melody, but perhaps this work sounds like a tune inspired to Gauntlet, not a remix. I encourage you to take a listen tho, maybe with the help of some weed.... it's a nice relaxing deep atmosphere 😉 Cheers.
I respect it as a piece of music, but not as a remix
Lovely and ambient but not really something to hold my attention to
I understand if people miss too much of the original - it's a way-out remix, but I love it for it. Elements of the original are cleverly woven into the ambient fabric, making them appear totally different.
It's a nice ambient piece of music, but the choice of tune from Gauntlet III to cover means making a long tune out of a few seconds of the original, and it doesn't work. This style of music done with one of Ed's tune (/VARIOUS/A-F/Ed/) might be doable.
Still as mental as ever.. Cant help but enjoy these remix's for being different.
Reminds me a bit of Plaid. ;) You're doing some very enjoyable things. A bit too long for the style perhaps.
Much better as the original which did not make any impression on me...
A very different tune from what we're used to from load_error. But a very nice synth/chill out tune!
Little boring, sorry.
Good! I haven't read the other comments, but I know they will go "too long", "too repetitive", but I don't think so. It's a good one, on the edge of Very Good.
Good one.
It's surreal, psychedelic and superb!, its got some Steve Roach in there, some Plaid and a splash of Autechre.. Brilliant work :)

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