load_error - Golden Axe (Supernova Mix)

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load_error Veteran
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Doesn't quite take off, but works none the less. I really like some of the sounds used! No error there...
Some great little bits here and there but nothing to keep an interest
I just didn't find this interesting. It has a nice idea, but it just doesn't seem to be executed too well and comes across as more of a mishmash than a remix.
Nice, but the rapid spoons playing ;) in the background is very annoying
Quite nice as an intro, although it could use a 'real' tune after as well...:)
Nice ambient tune, but less inspired than load_error's usual work.
Cool stuff as usual from loaderror, and as usual it doesn't really take off. I'm just waiting for the day when the mix makes it all the way.
Nice, without take off :-)
As makke said, it doesnt take off, but imo it wasnt ment too. Its one of the better remixes ive heard. Good relaxed floating rythm. 9/10 score
Much noise... Developers may hit you in yer face! Load error.. Yeah this s a load error
Not my favorite style but technically Ok.
Ive been listening to this hipnotic remix over and over 1 night when I could not sleep... Great! And it made me decide to do a mix of myself.
Brilliant and one of the best remixes on RKO in my opinion.

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