Luther - International Karate (Luther's chillout remix)

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Merry Christmas, Mr Luther. Neatly done in a very chilled out style. Perhaps a bit too long before any recognizable part coming up, but still neat. Keep it up.
Enjoyed this remix very much. It works fine for me.:)
This was neat and soft. I like.:)
Can't find any fault with it! Well done!
A good arrangement, but the instruments sound dated, flat and rather boring.
Internationally Karate was a really powerfull titel this is utterly exhausting!
Fresh and relaxing. Added to my playlist!
See now this I like, its really laid back and a great little summery type tune.. Good stuff mr luther
Great, stuff, great stuff indeed. A good chillout feeling. I'd like a bit more development on the game theme itself to avoid "boringness". But... Otherwise - just great!
Really good one, nice percussions, FX, overall chillout trance feel. To be honnest this one would be yellow instead of orange if there were no piano. Would be nice to hear some trance/electro remixes from you.
A bit too repetitive for my taste.
Strong Points: very relaxing, production quality is good. Weak Points: instruments sound a bit bland, the straying notes from the original tune do not work for me, repetitititititititition. And repetition. Not to mention - I'll just shut up. Still yellow.
This is awesome
As chill out tune it serves it purpose and it is masterpiece in its league
I like this. Very proffessional sounding. I especially like the kick + bass you have there. The mood is great. Only bad points: the kick falls out on odd places, and a taaaad to much reverb for my taste.
This is really good, with great sound and feel. Rants: 1 - the main theme is a 80% approximation; 2 - a bit repetitive; 3 - way too much reverb.
Hi quality, I like it!
Good choice of instruments and percussion! One of the best IK remixes on the site IMO.
Very cool! Added to my collection.
Excellent stuff! For me best IK remix even in 2013!
Great play on the theme, one of my favorits
I would like to hear a version with a better piano sound. That would be perfect!;)
Don't like audio, the main theme comes too late

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