maf - Turrican II Level 1

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maf Veteran
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This is fun and bouncy!
It's ok...
Just one of these straight remixes but it's ok!
It'd have got an outstanding if the bassline noise wasnt so.. Erm.. Shit.. Sorry lack of words for it.. The rest of the tune is bloody marvelous this is exactly 1% away from outstanding.. Great remix crap bass
Well, I think its great
I've always enjoyed this Turrican track and maf has done a nice job with this one.
Nice remix
Nice :)
There is good effort here but it just has no life about it... Sounds very familiar though.. Infamous could probably do this tune justice because he is the man in which that he knows in which how to make tune to sound when listening to tunes of this type..
Well chosen synth sounds, fantastic choir, striking ending.
Excellent! Nice tune with exceptional chorus in the background. Thanks man for doin' this one!
Outstanding Turrican Remix. Perfect Mix. I hear'd it so many times when I'm on tour with my bike and my mp3 player. Thanks for this Track!!
Well done.:-)
Very good interpretation of the song. I like it very much!
This is one of my most fav remixes here... So cheerfull track
Maf's style famous in the web :)
Decent job of it.
Review by vinceblood


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

The first Turrican 2 music that impress me so much. A typical Martin Iveson touch with all these gimics, I love that.

Great sound design, mixing is in the respect of Amiga demo music touch, it is nice.
Bass sound is bit strange however.

Congratz !!!