Mahoney - Ground (the fika mix)

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In the afterwaves of Dr. Fikalover's one and only (!) track - here's a new fika remix. This is in no way an innovative remix, and the only reason it exists is the pure fun I had during those 5 hours I spent creating it! Quality or not, that's up to you to decide!

Still, who can resist a bouncy track with a 6/8 beat? Time to move your body, and if you like to move it, move it!

Original song: Tomas Danko
Lyrics and vocals: Dr. Fikalover
Female vocals: Elsa Persson of Visa Röster
Remix: Pex 'Mahoney' Tufvesson
Funding: Ehrm, are you kidding?

Have a noise night! / Pex 'Mahoney' Tufvesson
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Very well made but suprisingly uninspirational. A bored moment Mahoney?
That fika joke isn't funny anymore, it just mars the tune because what's there is pretty heavy analogue stuff and I'm sure without the vocals it would be a whole lot nicer. Even Elsa Persson's vocoded vocal can't save it.
Another fika tune, the backing track is pretty good pex's musical talents can never be questioned the guy truly know's what he's doing this is just a little bit tired now.. Still enjoyable enough
I would like a fika with the Visa Roster girls - but this tune is not upto Mahoney's normal standard
No doubt about Mahoney's abilities to create a crisp mix, but I *SO* hate those fika vocals. Well I guess it's a fun thing.:)
Not what I expected from one of the scenes great talents
Highly forgetable little tune, horribly marred by the silly 'fika' lyrics. At least there's also a vocoded Elsa Persson in there (recycled from the C64 Mafias excellent "Crappy"), but it doesn't make up for the rest of it.
Not bad, but not on par with other Mahoney tracks. The vocals sound a little Italo Disco, circa 1988 - neat.
There is enough Fika remixes out there, I feel like you should have tried to mix something.. Less mixed.
Would be nice that "fikalover" had never been born...
Finally som humor in a tune again :)
C'mon pex! You're not allowed to do something just for fun and expect people to understand it. Horribly stupid lyrics! Try something like "I'm a robot, I will kill you now", "i'm a pumpkin man", wich are much more intelligent.;)
Really nice remix, a bit of a twist on the whole Fika-thing.
Do you guys know what "fika" means in Hungarian? Literally it means "snot" (as in the ugly stuff coming out of your nose), but it's also a general derogatory adjective. Which I think can be applied to this remix, too...
Mahoney, dude.... You really got a bad today, right? Please admit it! ;-) I was shocked that I could only click on a grey one for the _very_ first time here _ever_ for your account on here! Please don't do this again, promised? ;-) Thanks...
Yes, I do like a fika. And no, I don't like this remix as much as fika.
Well it's made to put a smile on your face, and it gets the job done.
If you take away the horriby stupid lyric :-P the rest is good.
Just like the "original" by Dr. Fikalover, this one's Very Good. Mahoney rules! With or without the Visa Röster girls. Added to my collection.

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