Mahoney - Robocop3 (Gonna get you mad mix)

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Well, yes, I had to. And, there are already seriously _awesome_ remixes of this fantastic tune (Lagerfeldt's version, I mean).

So, I could not resist in doing a wild one. I hope it drives you mad. If you don't like it, there's plenty of other remixes of it - well, why not listen to the original SID version of it, even that one is lovely!

Have a noise night! / Pex 'Mahoney' Tufvesson

ps. I'm not going to apologize for this remix. Accept it, or delete it - it's your choise!

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Someone's been watching too much Dirty Harry in the opening part methinks! The rest is pretty full on with a strange fusion of lots of beats and some strange background noises throughout. It's weird, a little too weird for my liking.
Mahoney on the way to insane, great work!
Arrgh, that's difficult! LOVE the bossa parts while the somehow out-of-sync-drums ruin it for me. What a pity!
I can see what Mahoney is trying to do here and although production is great - it's just too MAD :D
This is absolutely.. Hmm.. Funky. I really hated the "lalaliiilala" song when it was a summerhit a decade or so ago, but in this remix it sounds really neat.
Mahoney madness! Got to love it! He somehow just makes it work! Crazy arrangement... Just crazy...
It should be "Robocop in the Jungle and having siesta"... Due the fact I was born mad, this tune can't do any damage to me :-))))
Well, that's a.. Eh.. An original remix alright. Interesting too! :D Whatever Mahoney was on when making this, gimme some. :P
Brilliant idea and implementation...!
Mad indeed. A Mahoney esque ingenious genre mix, and a real difference to all other existing versions out there.
If you told me it was done by an amateur, I could believe it.
Mahoney? THE mahoney??? Is that really YOU!? ;-D YES it sounds like you! Cool to have something from you here _finally_ again! Already thought 'mahoney' left! Well, about the mix: Nice idea.. But doesn't seem to work in all parts though! You CAN do bette
Good god, this is one of the most insane remixes I have ever heard. But, of course, insane sounds good to me. Technical excellence abounds, though that La-Da-Dee song's chorus has always grated on me.
Haha, look at the disturbtion. It proofs that sense of humour cannot be described by gaussian curve
This is one of the weirdest remixes in a while... But I just can't help playing and requesting it over and over and over again..
This remix made me smile! It's different, it's excentric... It's totally nuts... And I love it!:)
Actually this tune, seriously grows on you. I really admire the experimentation.
Another quality remake from Mahoney... Or maybe not.
I like robocop... But I don`t like this shit for meal...
Cool! And Mahoney deserves glowing red for posting it in the lossless thread! :D
Cool version and great idea to insert here (into one of my favorites on speccy tracks) latina rythms!
Unusual! No, more than that: Weird!!! I like the drums and the way the SID stuff works together with the old-fashioned South American dance stuff. The Crystal Waters sample spoils it a little. Added to my collection anyway.
I don't like it personally, the dance feeling is lost to an exotic one
A CRAZY mishmash of various styles that somehow come together and work as one. Very well done.
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I'm not sure what to make of this remix; on one hand, individually, the styles employed are good - very good, in fact. But together, they seem to be this... weird, amorphous mass that keeps tripping over itself as it stumbles toward the end. The execution is, as expected, excellent, but I cannot help but think that I would have liked the remix better if the singing, techno, guitar and other "parts" had been placed sequentially, rather than mixed together.